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Monday, January 29th - Oxford Studies concert, Oxford College of Emory University

Saturday, April 21st -Wesleyan Storytelling Festival - True South: No Single Story - Wesleyan College Georgia

Thursday, April 26th - Jackson Preparatory School Visiting Writers Series, Jackson MS

Saturday, August 4th - concert at Laughing Heart Literary Festival, Hot Springs NC

Saturday, August 11th - private event

Saturday, September 1st - private event





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Folk Alley is streaming the entirety of Caroline's new album, Camilla. Of course you can listen to a few tracks here on the website (and buy a signed copy!), but why not stream the entire album while you have the chance? Check it out here at Thanks to Kim Ruehl for the lovely review. Here are a few of her words: There’s something about the way Caroline Herring delivers a line like, “Mama, sweet mama, where are you going with all your babies and that casserole?” Indeed, this is the opening line of “Camilla” – the title track on her new album – and it sets the tone and scene for the rest of the exquisitely written songs included therein. You know even as she’s delivering that line, this isn’t just a single song. This is a world in which women know they must take a casserole with them when they’re trying to appeal to justice. (The next line: “I’m going to the jailhouse in Camilla, Georgia, to see a woman and ask for her parole.”) You can listen to Camilla in the same way you might drive through such a town. ...It’s a difficult world in Herring’s Camilla."



Caroline is thrilled to be returning to Shrewsbury Folk Festival on August 26th and 27th. On Sunday she will be performing her own show in support of the new album, Camilla. Jim Moray and Patsy Reid, two of the UK's finest musicians, will be accompanying her on guitar, fiddle and vocals. On Monday Caroline will perform a big tent-duo show with Kathryn Roberts on the final evening of the festival. Thanks to Alan, Sandra, Jo and Neil for inviting Caroline back to her favorite UK festival!