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Advent day 2

     Why would I want to put out a cd now? Already I know it will be rushed, lost in the holiday shuffle. If I had more time to concentrate on my job, my family, our Christmas decorations. Everything would be ok if only I had wrapped the lights around the natural pine garland I bought a week ago. And yet. It's been so long since I made music in this way.

     Yesterday I sang in the sanctuary of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York City - the hymn Flee as a Bird and my arrangement of Psalm 30. I felt God's presence. After sitting down my daughter immediately leaned over and pointed out that I had a new zit on my nose. 

     Psalm 30 came almost last on my list of my arrangements for the verse project. Had I proclaimed anywhere in the songs "that my soul may sing praise to you"? Or was it just because our choir sang the psalm, with the normal focus on 'weeping may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning' sometime in the fall? I don't know. Simply, the little spirit blew a little breeze, for this project is little, and and I pulled out all the Bibles and luxuriated in the creative process. Plus, 'weeping may last for the night' is a great hook. 

     This feels like Advent, almost like fasting would serve the time period better than Charlie Brown Christmas music. Things are unmoored around here, or they could become that way quickly. Then I remind myself. This is why I made the album. It's an advent album. 



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